Kumpulan Idiom Bahasa Inggris, Contoh Kalimat, dan Artinya (7)

31. Take place : to be held; to happen
Artinya : Tempat/waktu berlangsung

The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid takes place on Sunday. Let’s watch it together.
Pertandingan antara Barcelona dan Real Madrid akan berlangsung hari Minggu. Ayo kita nonton bareng.

32. Draw the attention of someone : To cause someone to pay attention
Artinya : Menarik perhatian

Syahrini’s hair style is really draws the attention of the TV spectators.
Gaya rambut Syahrini benar-benar menarik perhatian penonton TV.

33. Hear about : to get to know
Artinya : Mengetahui

Did you hear about Joko’s promotion?
Kamu tahu gak kalau Joko mendapatkan promosi?

34. Concerned about : to worry about
Artinya : Khawatir

I am really concerned about my exam, that’s why I should study hard.
Saya sangat khawatir dengan ujian saya, itulah sebabnya saya harus belajar giat.

35. Come along : to come together
Artinya : Pergi bersama-sama

Are you coming along with us next Sunday?
Kamu mau pergi bersama kami hari Minggu depan?

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